Vision & Mission

The partners believe that their model is working. “We have access to relevant knowledge, skills, financial management and financial support.  Also we have a unique product of high quality and therefore national wine buyers are prepared to pay a premium,” says Lutz. Going forward Lutz says that it would be great if some of the BEE shareholders and/or their children could become involved in a management capacity. “It would also give us a huge sense of satisfaction to be able to see that the dividends that shareholders earn are used to educate their children, raise their living standards and open new horizons for themselves and their relatives.”

Lutz personally feels that agriculture has enough opportunities as long as the normal flow of supply and demand of products and labour is allowed without interference from decision makers; labour productivity can be improved; land is not used as a political tool; financial institutions regain confidence in agriculture and farming is seen as a business and shareholding/ownership and management are separated.

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