Two commercial farmers Truter Lutz and his partner, Jan Louw, made use of the then newly promulgated National Water Act of 1998 to launch a vineyard, Lutouw Estate (Pty) Ltd in the Lutzville region of the Western Cape, South Africa. more

Vision & Mission

It would give us a huge sense of satisfaction to be able to see that the dividends that share-holders earn are used to educate their children, raise their living standards and open new horizons for themselves and their relatives... more

The Process

We have planted varieties which are com-plimented by the climate, such as Pinot Noir and Sauvignon blanc.

The wine quality of the Sauvignon blanc is exceptional, unique and in great demand... more

BEE Deal

We started our search for a black partner and after a while we decided it made sense to rather empower our own farm workers. A group of workers were identified and after the criteria was set, the selection was done... more

Fair Trade

Fairtrade Labelling Org Intl is the worldwide standard setting and certification body that permits more than 800 000 producers in more than 40 countries to benefit from being labeled as fairtrade.. more

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