Fair Trade in South Africa

What is Fairtrade?

Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International is the worldwide standard setting and certification body that permits more than 800 000 producers in more than 40 countries to benefit from being labeled as fairtrade. FLO exist to improve the position of third world producers in an around the developing word, by setting the fairtrade standards and by creating a framework that enables trade to take place at conditions respecting their interest. It’s all about respecting the pride and dignity of the people who works on the farm.

How does Lutouw fit into the fairtrade initiative?

Lutouw Estate is a producer of wine grapes . Our company has been a firm believer in the fact that people who work here should take center stage in all farming activities as it forms a core part of our business. Sharing profit and ownership is the backbone of our business.

Our company culture and philosophy fits like a glove into the Fairtrade movement. The premium that we achieve on the Fairtrade fruit is allocated to the workers and they decide via a democratically elected committee how this money would be spend.

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